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Knowledgebase : PonyPrep
No. Pony Prep is designed for everybody who wants to learn about horses. RELATED LINKS: PonyPrep []
To join PonyPrep, go to and click on 'Register a New Account' in the top left corner. RELATED LINKS: PonyPrep []
PonyPrep is designed to be utilised by all. It currently covers learning based around the D, D+ and C Pony Club Efficiency Tests. RELATED LINKS: PonyPrep []
Pony Prep covers learning for the D, D+ and C tests. It would not sufficiently cover all you need to learn for your tests as you require practical and riding skills. RELATED LINKS: PonyPrep [] The Pony Club Efficiency Tests [h...
Pony Prep currenly covers D, D+ and C Efficiency Tests. RELATED LINKS: PonyPrep []
Yes you can utilise PonyPrep training without becoming a member. Users do not need to register in order to learn and interact with the site. Registration is only used to track progress for those who want this feature, all registered users profiles will ...