What are achievement badges/efficiency tests/progressive tests/mini achievement badges/competition badges?
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Achievement Badges:

These are awarded to Members who have studied a variety of topics on pony care and the environment. The circular fabric badges are designed to be sewn onto Branch or Centre sweatshirts. On gaining 21 achievement badges, a gold badge and certificate can be awarded.

Mini Achievement Badges:

These are aimed at the younger Member. They are designed to give a basic grounding in the main topics of equestrianism and the countryside. On gaining 14 mini achievement badges, a mini gold badge and certificate can be awarded.

Efficiency Tests:

These are intended to asses riding and horse and pony care. There are a number of tests ranging in difficulty from E test (which is the easiest) to A test (the most difficult) The E and B+ test are optional but all other tests must be taken in sequence.

Progressive Tests:

There are four levels with three awards at each level:

  • Bronze 3 – 1
  • Silver 3 – 1
  • Gold 3 – 1
  • Platinum 3 – 1

These are taken in addition to, but not instead of, The Pony Club Efficiency Tests.

These can be given between levels or at the end of a whole level. On completing the Bronze awards, the Member will be ready for D test. After Silver they will be at D+. Passing the Gold awards takes the Member to C test and by completing the Platinum awards, the Member should be ready for their C+ test.

Competition Badges:

These are similar to the Achievement and Mini Achievement badges. There are two badges for each of The Pony Club’s competitive disciplines.

For each discipline there will be:

  • Intro to (discipline) badge – aimed at younger/less experienced Members who are just starting out in the discipline
  • (Discipline) badge – aimed at slightly older/more experienced Members who are completing/ready to compete in the discipline.

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