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Can I transfer between Branches?
Posted by on 02 June 2014 02:42 PM

Members wishing to transfer between Branches are actively discouraged from doing so as the Equestrian Council believes transfers are not in the best interests of The Pony Club as a whole.

A Member who changes Branches other than because of change of residence may not compete in any Championship qualifying competition as an individual or team member for fourteen months from the date of transfer. Any transferred Member ineligible under the fourteen month rule to compete at an area qualifying competition shall not be eligible to compete at the later stages of the competition in the year that the ban expires. This does not apply to any Dengie dressage or Dengie show jumping competitions.

If a Member changes within 12 months of joining The Pony Club he may do so without the imposition if the ban.

On change of residence, a member may choose to remain in the existing Branch or transfer to the Branch into whose district they have moved to (Providing the transfer request is within 12 calendar months of the change of residence).

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